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Mygod Technologies started with a team mainly made up of first acquaintances with Magento platform. Originally, we did not have a Chinese name but instead, just our English name; "Mygod Commerce". Whilst still based on Magento 1.4, we developed Magento services for overseas customers.
In 2011, with the Magento system gradually growing and becoming much known in China, we swiftly emanated into the domestic market.
In the beginning of 2012, the Qingdao Mygod network Ltd launched and then began a formal operation, where our Chinese name “MaiShen” was composed.
By April 2012, Rocket-internet (an international e-commerce technology company also located in Qingdao) dismissed. Some of their technicians joined Mygod Technologies thus causing our company power to have a greater surge; where we started working towards the enterprise professional market.
In May 2012 we launched an e-commerce dedicated server:
By 2013, Mygod accomplished its mobile device technology accumulation. This was launched to start offering a mobile shopping application and it helped our customers log in through not only the website but also by using Apps on Apple & Android devices.
In June 2013, our programmers got their first United States Magento Developer certification.


Origin of the company name:

Our company name ‘Maishen’ has four different meanings:
Firstly, it echoes our English name ‘Mygod’, with ‘shen’ meaning god.
In 2012, the famous NBA Player ‘Tracy McGrady’ came to China for a Qingdao team play, and his Chinese nickname was "MaiShen"
"MaiShen" also means "The selling god” and it is a perfect fitting as our company focusses on e-commerce.
Lastly; we are a professional Magento developing company. "MaiShen" means "extremely well versed in developing Magento". Although this is profile-raising; it inspires us to strive for better technology.

Corporate Culture:

How Mygod Commerce works sets us apart from any other company. We believe that industry expertise is essential. A new Magento system has just been developed in this field. Our team matching and the research interest centres are all around the system, so we have strong self-confidence and assurance in our Excellency.
We are masters of ourselves and we understand our duties, courageously take responsibility for our actions and we are very proud of our honesty and respect for others, and also enjoy the respect of others. Mygod employees also like having a good time without worrying about the consuming life and our main office easily allows that to happen as it overlooks the seaside! Our environment is also cultivating and allows creativity to flourish. This continues to maximise individual potential thus making our business more successful.
We believe in communication as this is the main key to the succession of any business. We like to be cautious and not too hasty, but we do support a vigorous and resolute approach when finding solutions to problems.
Lastly, we believe that all things come to an end therefore people should cherish the present and work with a warm, passionate, humorous and understanding heart.

What to keep in mind (Project Managers)

A good reputation is hard to attain, therefore customers should be selected carefully.
Details of projects should be accurate, clear and precise. Avoid using too many technical terms, and if you must, an initiative approach should be taken and explained clearly to the customer.
You must respect the clients’ views, but never blindly follow and adhere to the principle as a implemented idea should be carefully explained to that customer.
Exaggeration on the advertising company or products should not occur! Being realistic and honest to the customers will bring in more profits. We are a technology company, thus relying on our products and technical capabilities.
Selling skills is important, but still; selling skills can easily compensate for the lack of trust in the external business environment brought about by an adverse effect. It could jeopardise one good corporation.


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